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Regenerative medicine and surgery have become an irreplaceable therapeutic device in restoring function and integrity of damaged tissues and organs, and in exploiting the body’s extraordinary potential for biologically active, autologous, minimally invasive regeneration.

It is justly considered the most innovative therapeutic solution of the 21st century with specific features that render it a next-generation discipline and clearly place it under the current broad concepts of "wellbeing" and "eubiotics", which are basic rights for all human beings.

In the vast panorama of new technologies, stem cells have progressively established themselves as the most effective, user-friendly regenerative therapeutic tool.

Researchers’ initial reservations regarding mesenchymal stem cell (MSC) therapies have largely been overcome through systematic review of clinical studies able to unequivocally confirm that MSCs are safe and can regenerate damaged tissues in the microenvironment of the receiving site. This constitutes a new, irreplaceable tool for healing rather than curing multiple, including chronic diseases.

At present, Adipose Tissue acts not only as an energy depot but also as a bona fide, highly organized organ rich in MSC precursors, and is widely accepted as the most efficient component of bioactive regeneration.

The first aim of the Conference is to provide an overview of both the current state-of-the-art in techniques to isolate, extract and concentrate Adipose Derived Stromal Vascular Fraction (SVF), and ongoing research studies and future perspectives on clinical applications. The purpose is to stimulate interdisciplinary collaboration involving all key players in the scientific community, from medical professionals to basic scientists, molecular biologists, and bio-engineers, with the Plastic Surgeon playing a predominant role as the long-standing expert on the most reliable, efficient source of Regenerative components.ortunity to meet the clinical “users” in dedicated workshops designed to provide a clinical update, with a view to fostering progress in various medical fields in which reg

The second aim is to give industries investing in regenerative surgery the oppenerative therapy has become the new frontier.

The third aim is to identify which cell lineages, besides the adipose line, are assuming regenerative significance.

Prof. Franco BASSETTO
Chairman of the Conference

Prof. Michele ZOCCHI
Scientific Program Chairman

Important Dates and Deadlines

1st  December 2019

6 June 2020

Opening Ceremony of ICAT 2020
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